Safe: in safe hands, out of harms way, secure; involving no risk, danger, damage or injury; secure.
Safety: the quality or condition of being safe; freedom from danger, injury, or damage ; security , confidence; reducing danger or harm.

" In Safe Hands ", " Out of Harms Way ", " Involving No Risk ", " Confidence ", " Security ", " Reducing Danger or Harm ".
As members of the Motion Picture Pilots Association we strive to provide this level of safety to the film industry, NOTHING LESS !!

Pilots have an obligation to assure, " Security ", " Confidence " and placing of their co-workers in, " Safe Hands ". The commitment to the fundamental value of human life is never taken lightly. Safety does not occur by chance and is a responsibility that each of us accepts to protect ourselves and our fellow workers.

Safety = Risk Management = Safety

Unlike the controlled environment of an Airport or Heliport the introduction of an aircraft into the filming scenario presents certain inherent risk. The filming set is different everyday: Different people different requirements and different locations.

So no matter how large or small a project or how experienced or inexperienced the filming crew, the risk are always there and have to be identified and managed , HOW ?

Follow these seven basic steps :

1. Risk identification and assessment.
2. Assigning risk severity and likelihood of occurrence.
3. Once identified and categorized, minimize all risk.
4. Evaluate experience and qualifications levels of all those who are participating.
5. Consultation and concurrence with all participants, no means no go.
6. If in doubt consult with other pilots who have managed similar risk.
7. Strict adherence to your Motion Picture Waiver and Operations Manual.

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Callback NASA/FAA Aviation reporting system
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